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What is beyond Mindfulness, according to the Buddha?

Rāhula was the biological son of the Buddha.  Or, more accurately, he was the biological son of Prince Siddhattha before Siddhattha became the Buddha.  When Rāhula was six, Siddhattha became the Buddha, and when Rāhula was seven, he became a Buddhist monk to join his father.  The great Sāriputta, the Buddha’s chief disciple, was assigned to be Rāhula’s teacher. One morning, when Rāhula was eighteen, the Buddha and his group of monks, including Rāhula, set out to the city for alms.  Rāhula walked closely behind the Buddha.  This day, naughty thoughts started arising in Rāhula’s mind.  The canonical text did not...

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Search Inside Yourself in Bhutan

The amazing crew at SIYLI is working towards training all 10,000 school teachers in Bhutan on Search Inside Yourself.  I’m tremendously proud of the team and all our friends at the Ministry of Education in Bhutan who are working together to make this happen. Here is an excerpt from a recent SIYLI newsletter, reproduced with permission.     125 Bhutanese Educators Started the SIY Teacher Training Journey in Bhutan We’re pleased to share the inspiring and profound work from a partnership between SIYLI and Ministry of Education of Bhutan. The launch of SIY-certified teacher training for 125 local educators in...

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