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Stepping down from the SIYLI board

My friends, Regrettably, despite years of daily practice, I find my behavior to still have some serious flaws.  One of those flaws is that some years ago, I spoke and acted with some people in ways that I viewed as socially acceptable, but now realize were disrespectful and hurtful.  Recently, colleagues on the SIYLI Board let me know that my past disrespectful and inappropriate behavior had caused some people significant hurt. I had a lifelong goal of reducing, even eliminating suffering in the world, yet here I find myself, on the giving end of suffering.  I am saddened by...

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Ten Years of Search Inside Yourself

Ten years ago today, on 26 Oct 2007, we piloted the first Search Inside Yourself (SIY) class in Google with 50 attendees.  Today, the full two-day Search Inside Yourself class reaches more than 10,000 people a year in five continents.  People continue to tell me the class changed their lives or touched them in some deeply meaningful way.  We have also trained 100 certified SIY teachers worldwide and we’re currently training 100+ more. The SIY book has sold 250,000+ copies in 20+ languages. Our goal is to reach one billion people in my lifetime, and I think we are on the...

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