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Random Thought: The Prognosis for China?

I can’t make up my mind what the prognosis is for China. There are 2 diametrically opposing hypotheses, both seem possible and reasonable. One hypothesis says China will prosper and become the biggest, richest, most powerful and most advanced economy in the world. For all the obvious reasons, Chinese people work hard and save hard, they are great business creators and model workers, and there are a lot of them with access to lots of oversea Chinese people with money. Historically, China spent most of human history being the biggest, richest, most powerful and most advanced economy in the world (one could even argue that the last few hundred years, where China is not the top nation in the world, is a historical anomaly). Also, anywhere in the world there is a Chinese community, they prosper economically. The other hypothesis says China is a time bomb waiting to implode upon itself. Again, for all the obvious reasons. China’s current growth is already unsustainable on many levels. Ecologically, they are poisoning their land, air and water on a massive scale, drying up their ground water, and turning large expanses of land into deserts. Economically, a growing China is so hungry for resources that a growing China is incompatible with a growing world, China would just use up most of the world’s available resources or drive up their prices to levels...

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Funny Thought: Standing Up for America

It turns out that the CIA has been making friends in Afghanistan by giving Viagra to Afghan chieftains. Q: How do you tell which Afghan chieftains are American allies? A: They are the ones standing up for America. (Alternative joke:  “We gave them the choice of the blue or red pills, and they always chose the blue pill,...

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Funny Thought: Love Me, Hate Me

There are 2 ways to inflate one’s own sense of self-importance. One is to think that people love me. The other is to think that people hate me. In reality, I discovered, people just ignore me.

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