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Funny Thought: Love Me, Hate Me

There are 2 ways to inflate one’s own sense of self-importance. One is to think that people love me. The other is to think that people hate me. In reality, I discovered, people just ignore me.

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Funny Thought: Christmas Time

Every year, right about this time, I get annoyed that Christmas happens in late December, right when the weather sucks.  Constantine could have chosen any day of the year to be Christmas Day, but instead of choosing a nice spring or summer day like a good emperor would, he chose December 25th.  Very...

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Funny Thought: Stop Sign

A joke my 9-year-old Angel made up:   There was a man who came to a ‘Stop’ sign.  He stopped for an hour and caused a lot of traffic.  A police officer came by and asked the man, “Why aren’t you moving?”.  The man replied, “I’m waiting for the sign to say...

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