Something I read earlier this week that touched and moved me to the very core.  When I finally got to the end and found out where the quote came from, I thought to myself, “Wow, the Old Man got to me again”.  Thanks to my friend, Evan Smith, for sharing.

Dog on a Leash

“Suppose, monks, a dog tied up on a leash was bound to a strong post or pillar:  it would just keep on running and revolving around that same post or pillar. So too, the uninstructed worldling regards form as self … feeling as self … perception as self … volitional formations as self … consciousness as self.  He just keeps running and revolving around form, around feeling, around perception, around volitional formations, around consciousness.  As he keeps running around them, he is not freed from [them].  He is not freed from birth, aging, and death … from sorrow, lamentation, pain, dejection, and despair; not freed from suffering.”

  — The Buddha

(SN 22:99, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi)