Funny Thought: Just Enough Bad Karma

I just figured out something about Bodhisattvas. You see, a Bodhisattva is an Enlightened Being who, out of great compassion for all, decides to forgo Final Enlightenment by turning back from it just before reaching it, in order...

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Funny Thought: Engineer or Monk?

The Dalai Lama said, “If I had not been a monk, I would have become an engineer.” (Source) Which was very interesting to me because, if I had not been an engineer, I might have become a monk. You think I’m...

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Funny Thought: Descended from Monkeys?

Are we divinely created?  Or are we descended from monkeys? I recently heard that the Dalai Lama has a very cool answer. According to Tibetan legend, once upon a time, an ogress fell in love with a meditating monkey god and...

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Funny Thought: Simple Man

I realized that I’m just a simple, unambitious man. I have no personal ambitions.  All I’m trying to do is to save the world, and make $1.1 billion while doing that. And I’m such a simple man.  All I ask for is...

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Funny Thought: Letter of Recommendation

Ke told me that in China, it’s common for graduating students to write their own letters of recommendation in the names of their professors. If I get to write my own recommendation in the name of my prof, it’ll look...

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Funny Thought: Vegetarian

I don’t know why, but people keep asking me if I’m vegetarian. Well, of course I’m a vegetarian.  In addition to being a vegetarian, I also eat meat.  I’m a vegetarian++.

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Funny Thought: Superhero

When President Obama was asked earlier today who his favorite superhero was, he said, “Spiderman and Batman”. I was surprised.  I thought every President wants to be The Decider when he grows...

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Random Thought: Acceptance

“Acceptance” is an important topic in Buddhism.  Like most other important topics in Buddhism, acceptance is a simple concept that turns out to be very hard to fully understand. Acceptance is a state of mind that is...

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Funny Thought: You Have Arrived

I have a GPS system that ends a guided journey with the phrase, “You have arrived at your destination”. In that context, my 9-year-old angel invented this riddle: Q: What would the GPS system say when we reach a bomb...

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