Last Sunday (16 May 2010), I may have had one of the coolest tweets in the world.  My tweet was:

Stood right behind Dalai Lama at buffet line!

Background story:  We were having a buffet lunch at the house of Biddy Martin, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  It was a buffet because the Dalai Lama wasn’t supposed to be eating there (if he was, it would probably have been a bit more formal).  His Holiness was suppose to just come say a few words, greet people and then go on to his next event.  However, he came early and decided he wanted to stay for lunch, and (playfully perhaps) he decided he wanted to get his own food.  I was right at the buffet table when he was walking towards it, and we decided to let him cut in.  (My general rule is to not come between a man and his food, especially if he’s a Tibetan lama because, as everybody who grew up reading kung-fu novels knows, all lamas know kung-fu).
So there I was, right behind the Dalai Lama at the buffet line.  Another one of those comical moments in my life.

I told this story to a few friends, they all asked me the same thing, “What did the Dalai Lama have for lunch?”.  I told them that he liked everything he saw, and so …. ahem …. the Dalai Lama made himself one with everything.