I’m a true Google foodie.  I (only half-jokingly) tell my friends I’m so rich I’m working for food.  Gluttony is my favorite sin.

Hence, I was thrilled yesterday to have the opportunity to lunch with Alton Brown, the host of Good Eats and main commentator of Iron Chef America (both of which Angel and I watch all the time).  In a way, it was just another lunch with a new friend, but given the context, it feels almost surreal.  Eating with Alton Brown is almost like Nirvana-ing with the Dalai Lama.

And yes, we both had good eats.

I’m proud to say that I was able to give food advice to Alton Brown during lunch.  Yes, me giving food advice to Alton Brown.

During lunch, Alton mentioned that when he turned 30, he suddenly developed an allergy to raw oysters, and could never eat them again.  So I said, “Alton, I can give you some advice on that:  Never turn 30 again.  I did that turning 30 thing myself, it didn’t work out for me too”.

(For those who are wondering, yes, Alton Brown is really nice.  Hundreds of his fans lined up to get an autograph and photo op with him, it took one and a half hours to clear the line, and he took the time to greet everybody in line and was nice to all.  I was impressed.  I could almost call him a …. jolly good fellow).