For the Google movie, Meng should be played by Jet Li or Jackie Chan. “Hey, you not take picture with me, I break your face! YA!!”

If played by Jackie Chan, add a funny scene where Chris Tucker (playing himself) keeps calling Meng “Jackie” for no reason, and Meng keeps saying, “Hey, I not Jackie, I Meng. You keep calling me Jackie, I break your face!”

There will be a kung-fu scene involving Meng and the Dalai Lama (played by Sammo Hung).  Natalie Portman plays herself.

But seriously, if a movie ever gets made about me, the person I want to play me is Keanu Reeves.  See, Keanu played Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, he played the Buddha (badly), and he played Neo.  That sounds just like my life, a combination of Neo, Ted and a badly played Buddha.  Whoa.