I think humor should be an integral part of one’s spiritual practice.  The part to enlightenment is fraught with difficulty, it is important to be able to laugh all the way on that journey.  Humor is also a great vehicle for transmitting both the speakable and unspeakable teachings.  The better you can make them laugh, the better you can help them learn.

Given that context, when I grow up and eventually become a buddha, I want to be a laughing buddha.  I want to be the type of buddha whom other buddhas want to go to when they need a few good jokes.  I imagine conversations like this:

Some other buddha comes to me and ask, “Hey, I’m scheduled to deliver a heaven-shaking lecture to a bunch of Great Brahmas.  Nice Gods, but kind of a serious bunch.  Do you have any jokes I can use to lighten them up?”

And I would say like, “Dude, why are you asking me?  Just go Google it.  Besides, remember you are a buddha, you are omniscient, you already know EVERYTHING!”

Other buddha: “I know you would say that.”

I would then realize that since there is no separation between self and other, that mildly clueless buddha is also me.  D’oh!