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Resume of Chade Meng Tan

(Seriously incomplete and outdated)


June 2000 to 2015: Jolly Good Fellow, Google Inc.

Summer 1999: Summer Intern, IBM Almaden Research Centre.
Designed and built infrastructure for automated management of Network Attached Storage systems.

April 1994 to 1999: Senior Engineer, Kent Ridge Digital Laboratories (KRDL, formerly the Institute of Systems Science), Singapore’s premier national computing lab. Appointments include:

  • Tech Lead, Project CORE
    Managed this project and designed its system architecture. CORE is an object-oriented, run-time configurable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) pipeline that serves as the central engine for all our industrial OCR products.  It is written in C++. CORE is the main engine in GLIMPSE, KRDL’s flagship vision product.
  • Project Lead, ID Recognition System (IDRS) Library
    Led this project to consolidate a library of reusable low-level OCR modules.
  • Lead Deployment Engineer, License-Plate Recognition System (LPRS)
    Took charge of the first industrial deployment of KRDL’s LPRS. The system is currently known as IMPS.
  • Software Engineer, Quay-Crane Container Number Recognition System (QCCNRS)
    Member of the team that built and deployed the world’s first quay-crane container number recognition system.




Description Date
NTU Outstanding Young Alumni Award Awarded for achieving “notable standing
at a young age with exceptional and
outstanding contributions”.
Oct 2008
United States Patent (6,339,651)


Robust identification code recognition system. Jan 2002
European Patent (98301467.1-2201)


Robust identification code recognition system. May 1998
Nominated for the National Technology Award


Nominated for contribution to the QCCNRS system. May 1996
NTU Alumni Prize


Awarded for excellence in both
academic performance and ECA.
Jul 1994
Championship in NTU
Inter-school Computer Quiz
Computer Quiz Oct 1993
Tan Sri Dr Runme Shaw Scholarship


Awarded for academic excellence. Oct 1992
Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s Award


Project: Computerized Carpark Monitoring System. Jan 1988
2nd Prize in the NUS Computron


Computer Quiz. Dec 1987
Championship in the
National Software Competition
(Students Section)
Speed programming competition
for secondary and Junior College students.
Aug 1987
3rd prize in the
National Software Competition
(Open Section)
Project: The Dungeon of Challenges.
(An educational game)
Aug 1987
Championship in the Science Fair ’86


Project: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Jun 1986
Championship in the
RVCC Programming Competition
Project: The Man with the Golden Wand
(An educational game).
Dec 1985
Other awards


Numerous smaller awards, prizes, commendations etc. 1985 – 1988


University of California at Santa Barbara (1998-2000)
Graduated in April 2000 with Masters of Science (Computer Science). Cumulative GPA = 4.0. (Unofficial transcript).  Thesis: “Finding and using high quality word-pairs for enhanced text classification”.

Nanyang Technological University (1991-95)
Graduated in May 1995 with Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Engineering) with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). Results: 1 Distinction, 21 ‘A’s and 11 ‘B’s. GPA = 3.72 (for CE subjects).
(The Distinction I earned was for Artificial Intelligence. I was the first person in the school’s history to earn that grade for that subject).

Hwa Chong Junior College (1987-88)
Completed JC with GCE ‘A’ Levels, with 4 ‘A’ Level subjects passes with straight ‘A’s and ‘B’s, one ‘S’ paper pass in Computer Science, and passes in GP and CL2.

Catholic High School (1983-86)
Completed High School with GCE ‘O’ Levels, with 9 passes including 5 distinctions.



The Use of BiGrams to Enhance Text Categorization.
Tan C M, Wang W F, and Lee C D.
Information Processing & Management (2002), Volume 38 (4), pp 529 – 546.

Finding and Using High Quality Word-pairs for Enhanced Text Classification.
Tan C M.
Masters Thesis, University of California at Santa Barbara.  (2000)

Time Series Forecasting with Neural Networks: A Comparative Study.
Patterson D W, Chan K H and Tan C M.
NNASP ’93.  (1993)



Activity/Organization Description/Position Date
NTU Computer Society Project Secretary
(concurrently Chairman
of Special Projects),
2 consecutive terms.
Ren Ci Counselling Centre


Volunteer Counsellor.


SAS School Magazine. Writer.


Mensa (Singapore)


Member. 1992-
NTU Buddhist Youth Camp


Dharma I/C. 1993
NTU Buddhist Society


Fellowship Leader 1993-94
Hall 7 Publicity Committee.


Committee Member. 1991-92
School Orientation


Group Mentor (2 consecutive terms). 1992,93
Inter-school Chess


Inter-school player. 1991,92