I learned an important Pali word: nibbida, which literally means “without finding”, but is usually translated as “disenchantment”. 

Buddhist texts compare it to a dog that discovers a bone that’s been exposed to the sun for so long it no longer has any flesh or marrow left.  When the dog first sees it, it gets excited and starts chewing on it.


At first, the dog’s saliva wet the bone, so the dog thought it was a juicy bone. 


But after a while, the dog finds out that there is nothing in the bone worth chewing for. 

Satisfaction is not to be found (“without finding”) in the bone.  So the dog wisely loses interest in the bone and leaves it. 


In the same way, when the meditator realizes that all sensual and ego pleasures are impermanent and unsatisfactory, he realizes permanent happiness is not found in the sensual and ego.  He feels disenchanted and walks (well, scampers) away.