I get a haircut about 4 times a year.  I try to time my haircuts to roughly coincide with when I need to file estimated taxes.  That way, I only have to remember one of the two.

I often found it too difficult to describe how I want the end result of my haircut to look like.  Then one day, I figured out a visual solution.  I printed out a picture of Tom Cruise in Top Gun (with short hair) and just showed it to the hairdresser and said, “Make me look like this”.  It worked like a charm, and the extra opportunities for humor came free.  When the hairdresser was done, she would say, “There, now you look just like Tom Cruise”, and I would say, “Good, good, all I need now is a new face”.

I did that often enough that the hairdressers started calling me the Tom Cruise guy.  The last time I went for a haircut, Dana, the owner of the place, made this comment. “You know, everytime Tom Cruise comes in here for a haircut, he brings a picture of you”.