I do not usually post job ads on behalf of my friends, but I will make this one exception for Dave and Greg.  The main reason is they are trying to create a compassionate company.

Dave and Greg, each a highly intelligent man with a life-time track record of success, are founders of a tiny start-up called “Think Now”.  They are trying to create technologies for personal growth.  That is exciting in and of itself.  Even more exciting is the company’s Prime Directive.  When they invited me to be an investor, I insisted that the company adopts this Prime Directive: “This is a compassionate company.”  Honestly, none of us has any idea what that means, but I want to at least codify the intention and then figure out the details as we go along.  It is important to me for a company focused on personal growth to walk its own talk, hence compassion must be its key corporate value.  They enthusiastically agreed and I became their first major investor and adviser (I call myself their “Deli Lama”, since I don’t do anything except eat).

We all agreed that a company’s culture is the key to its success.  A company’s culture is often created in the image of its founders and early employees.  Hence, we feel that all early employees must not just be extremely smart and capable (like the founders), they must also be compassionate (again, like the founders).

Anyway, here is the ad Dave sent to me:


Think-now is a new company building applications that are fun and drive personal growth.  We are seeking a creative, lead software engineer with experience developing Android and iOS applications.  Besides extensive experience writing code, applicants should have high personal integrity, awareness, mindfulness and compassion.  You will join an experienced team motivated to make a significant impact in the lives of many and create an extraordinarily valuable company.  Think-now’s founders have deep experience in neuroscience, business, psychology and altruism (the fun kind).  Please send applications to [email protected].