20131011153017Nobel_PrizeWow.  Our friend Shirin Ebadi has nominated One Billion Acts of Peace, the campaign I have the honor of co-chairing, for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I am honored and humbled.  Very humbled actually, because in my opinion, we have only just started.  We have now reached 11.8 million acts of peace, which sounds like a lot, but compared to our (very ambitious) goal of one billion acts of peace, we are only 1.18% successful so far.   Still, I am very touched and very grateful for this nomination.  The whole team is.  Thank you for your confidence in us, Shirin.  We will work hard to (retroactively) deserve your nomination.

This is our eighth nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Shirin joins seven other Nobel Peace Laureates who have also encouraged, inspired, honored and humbled us by nominating us for the Nobel Peace Prize last year.  Also nominated are my dear friends Dawn Engle and Ivan Suvanjieff, the wonderful co-chairs of One Billion Acts of Peace, and PeaceJam, the organization founded by Dawn and Ivan.  The main difference between Dawn+Ivan, and myself, is that they actually deserve to be honored.  They are genuinely good human beings with beautiful souls who have devoted decades of their lives to service to millions (in contrast, I’m just some guy who looks good in a suit, almost).  This is the 16th time both Dawn and Ivan have been personally nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is really cool because all my other friends have been nominated only 15 times or fewer, I kid you not.

The work of Dawn, Ivan, PeaceJam and One Billion Acts of Peace need your support, my friends.  They have reached millions of people on a tiny staff and a shoestring budget, and they can use a little more funding to reach many millions more.  Over the years, I have donated more than $500,000 to PeaceJam and One Billion Acts of Peace (and I have no plans to stop).  I know the team will continue to do amazing work to create the conditions for world peace.

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