Couple of random thoughts that came up over the past few weeks.

Quiet Mind
In giving up, I find.
In letting go, I gain.
In just being, I become.
In my silence, hear me roar.
In this void, is Dharma.

The Lazy Bodhisattva
With great compassion, aspire daily to save the world.
But don’t actually put in any real effort.
Just do whatever comes most naturally to you.
Because when aspiration and compassion become strong,
Whatever comes most naturally is also the right thing to do.
Thus you, the bodhisattva, saves the world without effort.

Life, Yum
A Bodhisattva’s great sorrow is like his salt,
His deep pain like bitter vegetables,
His naughty pleasures like a greasy hotdog,
All encompassed by the sourdough of profound peace.
Delicious and nourishing is the life of compassion.
Mindfully consumed.