The amazing crew at SIYLI is working towards training all 10,000 school teachers in Bhutan on Search Inside Yourself.  I’m tremendously proud of the team and all our friends at the Ministry of Education in Bhutan who are working together to make this happen.

Here is an excerpt from a recent SIYLI newsletter, reproduced with permission.



125 Bhutanese Educators Started the SIY Teacher Training Journey in Bhutan

We’re pleased to share the inspiring and profound work from a partnership between SIYLI and Ministry of Education of Bhutan. The launch of SIY-certified teacher training for 125 local educators in Bhutan will, when completed, then expand with those teachers training all 10,000 school teachers in the nation on the Search Inside Yourself neuroscience-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence curriculum in 2019.

Among the 125 SIY teachers in training, 120 were selected from 500 schools across all 20 dzongkhags (districts) of Bhutan; and five participants represent the Royal Institute of Management. All teachers were selected based on their dedicated meditation practices, high facilitation and presentation skills, and passion to share mindfulness and emotional intelligence in their communities.

What Teachers are Saying About SIY
“Both the contents and mindfulness practices were aptly crafted and organized coherently. The flow of all the sessions was seamless and diligently delivered…The experience, on any account, was simply enriching, engaging and meaningful.”

“The content was a gift for a lifetime.”

It is in Giving that We Receive
Beyond the technical and financial support from SIYLI to Bhutan SIY teacher training, all participants were gifted by SIYLI with a set of locally crafted meditation singing bowls, a copy of the Search Inside Yourself book, a teaching manual and a USB drive loaded with all course materials and assignments to support the teachers throughout their teacher training journey.

Thanks to Team SIYLI
Deep gratitude to SIY Bhutan-based project leader Yizhao Zhang; SIYLI master teachers Lori Schwanbeck, Simon Moyes, Peter Bonanno and Brandon Rennels; and teacher training team leaders Abri Holden and Tyler Petersen. Onward!