I have just been informed that the Traditional Chinese edition of Search Inside Yourself was the #1 bestseller in Taiwan!  (It was #1 back in August, but I just found out today.)

I am really grateful to my Taiwanese editor Juliette Ting (丁慧瑋).  I know she worked really hard on this book.  She read over the draft so many times that she can probably recite it by heart by now.  I’m also grateful to the translator Hsieh Yifei (謝儀霏) and my Chinese-language advisor Dr Yang Lei (楊蕾博士), both of whom spent many hours working with me on the translation.

And, of course, I’m most grateful to my readers from Taiwan.  Thank you!

For those of you who read Traditional Chinese, here’s a fuller list of people I’m grateful to for this edition (taken from the Acknowledgement section of the book):

我小時沒專心學好中文,長大後長期在美國定居,所以中文文學程度越來越差。幸好我有許多華裔朋友一直幫我,還耐心助我過目此中文版(耐心到連一次都沒有敲我的頭)。我最要感 謝的是好友楊蕾博士。其他朋友包括龔水怒、施成軍、孫青、林中智、孫果明與郭曼文。還要感謝中文版編輯丁慧瑋與譯者謝儀霏,她們常要為我特別加班,不過也沒辦法,誰叫我長得這麼帥,這麼令人難以抗拒。