I hope my work in the corporate world will be done fairly soon.  I hope that my first book, once published, will help people worldwide incorporate wisdom and compassion practices into their own lives and workplaces, in their own ways.  I hope that the momentum generated will allow the work to move forward without me.

I am eager to return to tending my spiritual roots fairly soon.  I cannot serve humanity in ways I feel called to without first deepening my practice.  I need to, at the very least, master all 9 stages of Shamatha, and that is only the beginning.  Only by deepening my own roots can I aspire to be a big tree to provide shade for many others.

On this Vesak Day, the day for remembering the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha (a man so dear to me I endearingly think of him as “The Old Man”), I promise myself that as soon as I can, I will return to dedicating myself to Dharma and the perfection of wisdom and compassion, for the sake of service.