My friends,

We’ll announce this officially soon, but I’m so excited about this I want you to hear it from me first: Donald Trump just asked to be the co-author of my upcoming book on Authentic Leadership, and I said yes!

It was a complete surprise.  Donald called me on my cell phone this morning while I was doing my morning yoga in my 42nd floor office in Trump Tower San Francisco.  Imagine getting a phone call from the Donald in the middle of doing downward-facing dog.  Hilarious, right?  Anyway, Donald said he heard from our mutual friend, Senator James Inhofe, that I was planning to write a book on Authentic Leadership, and he wants to be co-author.  I was like, “Wow.  Is it because of how much you like my first book, Search Inside Yourself?”  And the Donald said, “I hated it, I thought it was the worst shit in the world.  But I changed my mind.  Now I love it, I think it’s the best shit in the world.”  Classic Trump.  I love that guy.

I’m so excited to have Donald.  Donald is a model of Authentic Leadership.  He tells you exactly how he despises you.  He does not try to hide his racist or xenophobic thoughts.  He is honest to the extend of offending almost everybody belonging to an entire gender.  He never lets facts get in his way of expressing his authentic opinion of the moment, which may or may not be different from his authentic opinion on the same issue five minutes ago.  I can’t think of anybody I’d rather co-author a book on Authentic Leadership.  Except the Dalai Lama, but he’s kind of busy this weekend.

(April Fool, in case you have to ask.  I don’t have an office on the 42nd floor in Trump Tower San Francisco.)