Recently, my team at Google had the privilege of hosting 2 amazing talks by 2 great speakers, Richie Davidson and David Rock, on subjects very near and dear to our hearts.

Richie is one of the most famous neuroscientists in the world and a pioneer in many fields of neuroscience, including the one I care most about, Contemplative Neuroscience, the science of transforming our brains with contemplative practices.  To me, he’s a rock star.  In person, besides being extremely smart, he’s just really kind and sweet.  I’m truly honored to have a friend like him.

David is a well-known coach and author who, in my opinion, is on his way to becoming a rock star (if he isn’t one already).  I’m sure history will remember David for being a pioneer in bringing neuroscience to the workplace in general and to corporate leadership in particular.  In person, I found him to be very smart and intellectually adventurous, an inspiring ball of energy working towards greater good for humanity.  I’m very thankful to our mutual friend, Dan Siegel, for introducing us to each other.

Richie spoke in Google about Contemplative Neurosicence, and David spoke about application of neuroscience at work.  My own work in Google is to apply neuroscience to work for Googlers, particularly Contemplative Neuroscience.  Each talk was amazing in itself, but taken together, they just fit perfectly in my grand scheme of things.  That creates a warm fuzzy feeling in this old man’s heart. I highly recommend both talks.

Also, David blogged about his visit to Google (coincidentally, he did it today, just as I was blogging about him).

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